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"AWKWARD SWAG!" — asserted this year’s Lowell Youth Slam Team during their final group piece, on Sat., July 16. "Awkward Swag" is an emancipation of their socially-inept yet beautifully-fresh personalities as it resonated through TRM’s graffiti-ridden tunnel. As part of FreeVerse! Lowell, a Spoken Word group dedicated to teaching teens to write poetry through their tribulations, the Lowell Youth Slam Team (LYST) consists of promising young performers that had been selected during a previous juried competition in order to compete in a more grand international competition known as "Brave New Voices" held in San Francisco, California. These images were taken during a showcase event, as their last fundraising efforts preceding numerous others since the beginning of the year. 

This year’s LYST bellowed raw stories - quirky, unrestrained, vulnerable, and full of honesty. Some newly-written and some of their best. Many teenage confessions that hold an emotional volume many of us may relate regardless of our years. FreeVerse! Lowell has really captured and progressed these Spoken Word talents in their coming-of-age prime where their words, thoughts, and feelings are nostalgic and empathetic. 

Support this amazing youth program and our wonderful friends at FreeVerse! If you are interested in FreeVerse (which you probably are now!), you can learn more here: http://freeverseword.blogspot.com

To view more images, click here.

To hear their performances, watch them here.




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